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What is health insurance and why do I need it?

31 Jul , 2014  


It can be confusing, trying to decide if you need to take out private insurance cover or not. Insurance premiums go up every year, and it may seem like investing that money in an account to be used if needed would actually be better. Ultimately, it comes down to your health history, your family’s health […]

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The Best Investments In The History of Mankind

27 Jul , 2014  


Mankind throughout the ages has done some truly remarkable things. Less than 70 years after first putting planes in the sky, we left Earth and explored space. We’ve built massive railways that connect people across vast continents.  And we’ve invested in ideas that revolutionized the way we eat, the way we move about, and the […]

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Buying a car? Here a few tips!

22 Jul , 2014  


Is your poor old car at the end of its useful life? Or are you in the market to get your first new car? Getting a car loan can be confusing, but if you follow some or all of these tips, we can remove some of the mystery for you. Know your credit score.  The […]

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Give Yourself A Raise Without Telling Your Boss!

21 Jul , 2014  


Who wouldn’t want more income each month? If you are nervous about approaching your boss to ask for a raise, or if your company is operating under a wage freeze, there is an alternative – paying off any debt you have. It will take some time and a concerted effort, but the potential payoffs are […]

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