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Do International Property Prices Affect The Australian Economy?

29 May , 2015  


With many people having the majority of their wealth tied up in the value of their homes, house prices have a significant impact on an economy. While generally true globally, this is certainly the case here in Australia. As we have seen in recent years, the outlook for residential and investment property can have a […]

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Considerations For Your SMSF Estate Plan

28 May , 2015  


In planning for your future, your SMSF will be a large part of it, so plan wisely while considering possible situations. Among those different situations, be prepared for the worst one, such as the death or illness of a spouse, however unpleasant it is to think of. Perhaps if one is more involved than the […]

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Why Should Financial Advisers Blog?

27 May , 2015  


As a financial adviser, you have a client group that depends upon your knowledge. Most of your clients visit you on a regular basis and gain from your advice and information, but what if you could reach even more people? What if you could dispense advice to your clients on a more regular basis than […]

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What will a good financial planner do for me?

26 May , 2015  


Financial Planning – What does it entail? Financial planning is the art of knowing your financial objectives, deciding when to spend your money and choosing what to use your money for.  Next, you should complete the process by making a financial strategy showing the actions and steps you will take to attain your objectives. If […]

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Determining The Cost Of Your Life Insurance Premium

22 May , 2015  


If you were no longer able to provide for your family, life insurance would be able to cover things like a mortgage or educational fees. This may sound like life insurance premiums come at a high price, however, they can actually be quite affordable. Astoundingly, premiums can start at just a few dollars a week, […]

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The Hidden Costs Of Funeral & How Funeral Insurance Can Help

22 May , 2015  

Although it isn’t necessarily nice to think about, if you or one of your loved ones would die, how would you cope with their loss? How would you want to remember them by? What would the funeral be like? Would there be any funeral costs that would be unanticipated? If you are supporting a family […]

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How To Purchase A New Home

21 May , 2015  


Buying a home is a serious investment, and it requires a lot of prior knowledge and research to form the best decision. It is recommended that you plan for five years before buying a property, while accruing more knowledge, and hopefully more financial resources. In the planning process, you will want to look at particular […]

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