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8 Qualities To Look Out For In A Real Estate Agent

29 Feb , 2016  

Nikhil (Nik) Sreedhar
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Nikhil (Nik) Sreedhar

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Nikhil (Nik) Sreedhar
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Whether you are looking to hire a real estate agent for a new primary home or you are looking into purchasing an investment property, you need to find a good real estate agent. There are some main qualities you should look for when evaluating agents to be sure you find a good one.


Find a Good Communicator

You need to find an agent who will communicate effectively with you.  They need to not just be clear in their messages, but they also need to be very timely.  Especially in hot markets, deals and offers don’t last long, and you need to have an agent who will tell you quickly when you have an offer.  As the saying goes, you need to strike while the iron is hot.


Find Someone Willing To Listen

Good communicators know they need to listen as well as talk. An agent will have no idea what you want unless he or she listens to your needs and wants. A real estate agent who talks all the time is not in it to serve his or her clients, and is someone you should steer clear of.


Find Someone Who Is Active

Good agents are often looking for leads on both sides. They stay in touch with their current clients and they have a list of possible clients ready.  It takes a lot of work, but it pays off handsomely for active agents.


Find Someone Who Is Customer/Client Focused

Like we’ve seen so far, being a good communicator and an active agent are ways of acting on behalf of the client’s needs.  After all, when the deal closes and the client is happy, the agent gets his or her commission, and everyone wins.


Find Someone Who Knows Why You Are Selling

If you are selling your current house, your agent needs to know why you are selling so he or she can find the right kind of buyer.  It also helps agents understand your timeline better. They will know if you are selling your main home or your investment home.  They can also evaluate how much your home will need, if anything, to make it a top flight property.


Find Someone Who Knows What Your Timeline Is

A good agent is on top of knowing what your timeline is, and helping you close the deal at a time that works for you.  There is a big difference between someone who needs to sell in a hurry and someone who does not, and your agent needs to know the difference and act accordingly.  The markets can be very different for each person.  It also takes some science in being able to read the market correctly, to be able to strike at the right time for each type of client.


Find Someone Who Is Willing To List References

You should find an agent who is willing to give you a list of references based on his or her previous customers.  A new agent probably won’t have many, if at all, but an experienced agent should certainly be able to provide you this list.  If not, it should be a significant red flag for you.


Find Someone Who Is Flexible

A good real estate agent will make sure that he or she adapts to each client.  Perhaps one client wants to receive communications by phone while another one would rather use e-mail. Being flexible is important so no one feels left out.


Ultimately, you should feel comfortable with your agent.  You should be able to communicate easily with him or her, and you should feel like your agent is trustworthy.  If you don’t feel right working with your agent, it’s time to find a new one.

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