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Are You Paying Too Much Tax [INFOGRAPHIC]

26 Aug , 2015  

Schuman Zhang

Schuman Zhang

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Schuman Zhang

I’m sure we have all wondered at some point, am I paying too much tax compared to everyone else? This week, Colin Cuthbert from Ayers Management presented us with an infographic that will shed some light on how your tax rates measured up to countries around the world.

It turns out that in terms of income tax rates, Australia is not even in the top 10. Belgium, Germany and Denmark round out the top 3. Tax havens may be another interesting topic for you. I’m sure we all heard of the Cayman Islands, but there are other locations around the world that you might not know of!


Infographic Tax-Rates-and-Australia

Infographic – Australia’s tax rates compared with the rest of the world

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