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Home Buying 101 for Your Children

22 Oct , 2014  


This is a brief tutorial to help parents prepare their children to purchase their first homes. Did you notice there is no mention of helping the children to buy their homes? That’s because this article focuses on some basic financial “life lessons” that you can share with your children to help them prepare to buy their own homes. […]

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Smart Planning and Smart Choices for Investment Properties

7 Oct , 2014  


Many Australians view owning rental property as a logical entrée to investing.  It certainly can be a good start, or part of an ongoing investment program. Investing in property is often considered a “safe haven”, especially when compared with the more volatile stock market and other investments.  But buying a property (in theory, just like buying […]

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Hypnotised by Late Night Leasing and Rent-to-Own Ads?

30 Sep , 2014  

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Sometimes, things just happen – the refrigerator suddenly starts freezing everything, your computer dies or the “ex” moves out, taking the TV with them. When these kinds of things happen and you’re low on fund, what do you do? Late Night Advertising is Calling to You You’ve probably seen the late-night TV ads or heard the catchy […]

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10 Ways To Be Money Smart In Your 20’s – Part 2

22 Aug , 2014  

Money Smart In Your Twenties

A recent survey by ING Direct indicated that, financially speaking, 40% of Gen Y’s are concerned about job stability, 30% rate getting a better paying job as their main ambition and 63% consider saving more as their key priority. Statistics like these, mixed with news such as the announcement made by the ATO that businesses using bitcoins in transactions will now have to […]

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10 Ways To Be Money Smart In Your 20’s – Part 1

19 Aug , 2014  


Two weeks ago we shared’s article about how 9% of Gen Y homeowners had purchased their first property before the age of 20.  Not only is this a promising start for those individuals, but also for this generation. With innovative technology and the Internet as their aid, Gen Y’s have more access than any […]

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The Only 3 Money Management Apps You’ll Ever Need

14 Aug , 2014  

Money Management Apps

With the new financial year in full swing and tax returns well underway, now is the perfect time to reassess your personal finances and create some achievable money and investment goals. We’ve reviewed a bunch of apps, but with great functionality and simplicity being key, here are ProAdviser’s top 3, free money management apps: 1. Pocketbook  (Available on […]

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Money Talks

12 Aug , 2014  


Money – we all need it, want it and work for it, yet it is often a subject that is considered taboo to talk about with friends and family. With such negative connotations around the ‘money’ conversation, it is often hard to find someone to talk about your situation with. This then also leads to […]

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Buying a car? Here a few tips!

22 Jul , 2014  


Is your poor old car at the end of its useful life? Or are you in the market to get your first new car? Getting a car loan can be confusing, but if you follow some or all of these tips, we can remove some of the mystery for you. Know your credit score.  The […]

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Give Yourself A Raise Without Telling Your Boss!

21 Jul , 2014  


Who wouldn’t want more income each month? If you are nervous about approaching your boss to ask for a raise, or if your company is operating under a wage freeze, there is an alternative – paying off any debt you have. It will take some time and a concerted effort, but the potential payoffs are […]

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6 Reasons Why You Are In Debt

9 Feb , 2014  

ProAdviser - Reasons Why People Stay in Debt

Do you remember that time when you decided to get yourself out of debt? You might have even felt irritated of being in debt. The constant stress and burden of the piling bills and debt broke you down. Something inside you just clicked and you finally decided that it was about time that you started a […]

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10 Simple Financial Tips You Need To Know

6 Jan , 2014  


It’s the New Year, a time for resolutions and great changes. Getting started is often the hardest part, and we can feel lost in the planning stages. If getting your financial life tuned up is your resolution for 2014, here are some easy tips that will help you get started, and stay on track.   1. […]

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Does Your New Years Resolution Include A Financial Plan?

2 Jan , 2014  


The holiday season has come to an end; its time to pack up the Christmas lights for another year and have a dose of Berocca to recover from the New Years Eve celebrations. By now many of us are thinking about the year ahead, listing our resolutions.  Getting more healthy, involved in community projects and […]

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