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When Are Insurance Premiums Tax Deductible

22 Jan , 2016  


Life insurance is actually not just one policy but an expansive term referring to life cover, income protection, trauma insurance, and total and permanent disability. When you are approaching tax time, it will depend on what kind of cover you have if you are able to claim a tax deduction on your premium. If you […]

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Pitfalls To Avoid When Using Your SMSF To Purchase Artwork & Collectibles

18 Jan , 2016  


When it comes to your SMSF, there are common mistakes regarding art and collectibles that can be avoided. If you are confused about the particular laws and regulations regarding art or collectibles, we will be discussing them, allowing you to keep your peace of mind and make any changes that need to be made, hopefully […]

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When Should You Consider Life Insurance

28 Nov , 2015  


At different stages of life, there are some important times when you need to protect the things and people you love. Buying life insurance is one way of protection, and the first time you might consider insurance is when you buy a home. This is often a big transition in life, and it’s a place […]

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How to Win This Travel Insurance Season

26 Nov , 2015  


We’re fast heading into the holiday season, and if you’re one of the many Australians looking for an overseas vacation, it’s recommended you start assessing your travel insurance options. The insurance market, like most financial services, has been heating up in 2015, meaning there’s both more chance of being lead astray and an increase of […]

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5 Telltale Signs You’re Paying Too Much For Your Financial Planner

10 Nov , 2015  


Financial planners or financial advisers can be invaluable when it comes to organising your financial life and helping you achieve your financial goals. We’ve known many cases where financial planners add significant value, especially when their clients have complex financial situations. You may have a self-managed-super-fund (SMSF), several investment properties, a family trust with a […]

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9 Unexpected Costs of Having a Baby

25 Sep , 2015  


For such a small person, a baby can have a massive impact on your bank account. It’s important to scope out every possible cost in advance as you don’t want anything jumping out at you when you’re vulnerable and under pressure. Here’s a few things you might need to consider: Utility Bills: As a rule […]

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The Hidden Costs Of Funeral & How Funeral Insurance Can Help

22 May , 2015  

Although it isn’t necessarily nice to think about, if you or one of your loved ones would die, how would you cope with their loss? How would you want to remember them by? What would the funeral be like? Would there be any funeral costs that would be unanticipated? If you are supporting a family […]

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How Insurance Can Keep Your Family Safe

22 Mar , 2015  

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When it’s time to get your financial house is order, people are often hesitant as it isn’t the most exciting activity to spend time on. Yet when you do, it will make the world of difference for you and your family. So there are simple steps to take to make sure the process rounds smoothly, […]

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On a Perfect Day….

22 Mar , 2015   Video

John Maher advocates the importance of having Income Protection Insurance through a Financial Adviser, after his own experience of suffering a head trauma from a car accident.

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What The Great Personal Insurance Debate should REALLY be About

1 Mar , 2015  


Are the regulators and politicians missing the point about the current Insurance debate? I really think they are. The Insurance debate at the moment is focusing on the quality of Insurance Advice, which is a necessary part of providing a high level service to consumers, keeping us on our toes and keeping the profession robustly […]

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What To Expect When Applying For Life Insurance

22 Feb , 2015  

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Life insurance isn’t a popular topic to discuss, as people don’t often want to focus on the worst-case scenarios of life. However, sad events will occur, and life insurance can help relieve some of the stress that a tragedy will bring to your family. Some have assumptions of life insurance, and believe that they wouldn’t […]

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Life Insurance Through Superannuation

4 Oct , 2014  


Did you know that your employer’s default fund must offer a minimum level of Life Insurance? There are benefits to having insurance cover in super but it’s important to be aware of the detail. We look at how super funds typically have three types of insurance for members, the sort of conditions, to expect and […]

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