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Buying Shares for Beginners

10 Sep , 2014  


Are you new to stock market investing and trading in Australia? Just the thought can seem daunting to many.  So before you invest, educate yourself about the basics of buying shares. What are your reasons for investing in the stock market? Making money is probably at, or near the top of the reasons list.  Maybe you […]

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Investing,Portfolio Management,Shares

Be A Picker, Not A Collector

9 Apr , 2014  

ProAdviser - Dont Put Your Eggs In One Basket

An adage we’ve all heard is that you do not want to put all of your eggs in one basket.  Drop the basket and you lose all of your day’s harvest.  In the world of investing, this means to have a diversified portfolio which can help provide you with a buffer from the potential shifts and […]

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You Are Ready To Invest Because….

11 Feb , 2014  

ProAdviser - Ready

So you think you are ready to invest, but are you really?  Here are five things to be sure you have in place before getting started. 1. No More Consumer Debt You have no more consumer debt.  Once your credit cards are paid off and you no longer carry a revolving balance, then you can […]

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How to trade call options?

8 Jan , 2014   Video

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If you are reading this you are either a finance geek or want to be a finance geek and learn how to make money by trading ‘Options’. An option is a financial derivative contract that allows the owner or seller to speculate on price movements of the underlying asset. This underlying asset is usually a share. But […]

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