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5 Proven Tips to Get Your Debt Under Control

26 Oct , 2015  

bad debt

Building wealth and achieving financial freedom should be a life goal for everybody. We might all want different lifestyles and seek fulfilment and happiness in different ways. But ultimately your financial security is the foundation on which you will seek those goals. Building wealth is for everyone, but before you take your first steps to […]

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Australian Economic Update

22 Jan , 2015  


While the outlook for Australian economic growth has stagnated recently, the outlook for the US remains positive. The high unemployment rate continues in Europe where slow GDP growth is expected. In the UK, the outlook is more promising. Australia — the iron ore free kick has gone The recent fall in the price of iron […]

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Weekly Market Wrap – 17.04.2014 (TSE/HLO/CRH)

18 Apr , 2014  

ProAdviser - Loose Money

This article is taken from the Embiggen Investment Report and was written by Martin Kidd – Embiggen founder & CEO.

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Be A Picker, Not A Collector

9 Apr , 2014  

ProAdviser - Dont Put Your Eggs In One Basket

An adage we’ve all heard is that you do not want to put all of your eggs in one basket.  Drop the basket and you lose all of your day’s harvest.  In the world of investing, this means to have a diversified portfolio which can help provide you with a buffer from the potential shifts and […]

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Weekly Market Wrap – 04.04.2014 (SKI/FAN/ASL)

4 Apr , 2014  

Free Share Advice - Fantasic Furniture

This article is taken from the Embiggen Investment Report and was written by Martin Kidd – Embiggen founder & CEO.

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Weekly Market Wrap (21/03/2014) – RIO/NRH/MMS

21 Mar , 2014  

Stock Market Trading Floor

This article is taken from the Embiggen Investment Report and was written by Martin Kidd – Embiggen founder & CEO. 

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You Are Ready To Invest Because….

11 Feb , 2014  

ProAdviser - Ready

So you think you are ready to invest, but are you really?  Here are five things to be sure you have in place before getting started. 1. No More Consumer Debt You have no more consumer debt.  Once your credit cards are paid off and you no longer carry a revolving balance, then you can […]

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The Top 10 SMSF Stuff Ups!

5 Feb , 2014  

ProAdviser Turtle

Many consumers these days are using self managed super funds as an alternative to traditional superannuation products. Unfortunately, many consumers use these complex retirement vehicles without fully understanding the responsibilities, risks and consequences. Every year the ATO publishes an article detailing the top 10 SMSF compliance mistakes. These mistakes are general contraventions as reported by […]

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Will Your Business Have To Retire When You Do?

29 Jan , 2014  

ProAdviser - Contingency Planning

Contingency Planning is all about protecting the assets of your business and the owners from liabilities which may be incurred as the result of unfortunate circumstances involving key persons to the business or principal owners.

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Financial Jargon Your Adviser Says

16 Dec , 2013  

Financial Jargon ProAdviser

Have you ever spoken with your financial adviser or accountant and just wished you completely understood the terms they kept on referring too? Proadviser explains one of many – Bottom Up Investing.    

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