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What Are You Really Scarred Of?

13 Jul , 2015  


Some intriguing questions for you all. Has the financial planning community been so scarred by all the changes and negative press that they can’t see a better future ahead? Has the rapidity of the myriad of changes and the often exaggerated and out of proportion justifications for the changes made us scared to take any new […]

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Retirement,Social Security & Centrelink

Aged Care – It Doesn’t have to be this hard – Really!

28 Apr , 2015  


There is plenty of information out there about Aged Care – probably too much actually. However how do you get the whole process right? I have recently been involved in trying to help someone with their parents who are heading up to 90, and should have been considering Aged Care for some time. It has […]

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Legal,Trusts, Wills & Estates

Is Estate Planning Just For The Elderly

23 Mar , 2015  


This is a very easy question to answer – NO, Estate Planning is for everyone. A good Estate Plan requires the involvement of skilled legal, accounting and financial specialists, to ensure that the right assets end up in the right hands at the right time. Estate Planning does not just mean you have to have […]

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Personal Finance,Personal Insurance

What The Great Personal Insurance Debate should REALLY be About

1 Mar , 2015  


Are the regulators and politicians missing the point about the current Insurance debate? I really think they are. The Insurance debate at the moment is focusing on the quality of Insurance Advice, which is a necessary part of providing a high level service to consumers, keeping us on our toes and keeping the profession robustly […]

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Personal Finance

How do you find a GOOD Financial Planner?

30 Jan , 2015  


There is a lot going on in the Financial Planning Industry at the moment. Legislative changes, enforceable undertakings, and investigations. And then quietly on the side, an impressive number of great planners going about their daily tasks to help people achieve a secure financial future. I did a radio interview the other day, where the […]

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Personal Finance,Retirement,Social Security & Centrelink

Tips On How To Deal With Centrelink

30 Dec , 2014  


Have you ever had to deal with Centrelink? For yourself, or a family member? I once had a client tell me she would pay me $10,000 if she never had to go to Centrelink again. Considering she was on an Age Pension, this is quite a statement. Luckily it doesn’t cost that much for this […]

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